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In Praise of Franklin Booth

Written on February 13, 2012 at 8:16 pm, by Doug Lefler

Artists are thieves. We see something we like and we take without remorse. If we’re clever we mix techniques stolen from different sources to make our burglary less obvious. But some masters’ techniques are so specific they cannot be disguised. In the case of Franklin Booth it is best to admit your crime and plead for leniency.

Not only did I take from Booth while inking Seven Extraordinary Things, I delighted in doing so. Booth’s distinctive style was partially a result of trying to reproduce the appearance of wood engravings with pen and ink. I will refrain from posting examples of his work here for two reasons: 1) If I don’t own the rights to something, I don’t like to post it, and 2) my own art would suffer by the direct comparison.

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