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The List

Seven Extraordinary Things List in English

Unlike Greg Drucker McTeer, who only wrote one to-do list, I made many when I was his age. I still do. But one thing that wasn’t on any list was writing SEVEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS. It began as an outline for a little story about Art School. I added a few lines of dialogue, fleshed out a scene here and there, and before I could stop myself I had finished the first draft of a screenplay. I didn’t intend to write the entire story. It just happened.

When I was toying with the idea of creating a graphic novel, this story was at the bottom of my list of candidates. I tend to write adventure, fantasy and science fiction. SEVEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS was a slice-of-life narrative about a young man who wanted to be someone’s champion. I didn’t think it would look good in a comic book format, and I could prove that to myself by sketching three or four pages. Or five or six. Or seven. The experiment got out of hand. I didn’t mean to draw the whole thing. Really, I didn’t! It just happened.

In this section I’ve included a French, Spanish, German and Italian version of Greg’s list. Just in case there are any French, Spanish, GermanCzech or Italian speaking people who are interested.

Each new list I make dilutes the old ones. How much more focused our lives could be if we only had one.

International Versions

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